Choosing an opportunity class

Parents can apply for their child to be placed in up to two schools with opportunity classes.

Students will be offered their highest listed school if they qualify for placement in more than one. Therefore it is important to list the first choice school at the top and list only schools you would like your child to attend. See a list of schools with opportunity classes. See a map showing schools with opportunity classes.

The entry score required for each school varies from year to year. It depends on the number of applicants who have chosen the school on their list and the calculated placement scores these students achieve. You cannot normally transfer between primary schools with opportunity classes.

If a child qualifies for both chosen schools they will be offered their first choice only. If offered the second school listed, they may also be placed on a reserve list for their first choice.


An applicant lists two schools in the following order:

  1. Neutral Bay Public School
  2. Artarmon Public School.

Scenario A

If the child qualified for Neutral Bay Public and Artarmon Public they would receive an offer from Neutral Bay Public School  – the higher listed choice.

Scenario B

If the child qualified only for Artarmon Public School they would be offered a place at that school regardless of whether it was listed first or second.

Things to consider

Prior to choosing and listing your schools you should consider your own individual circumstances, such as available transport and travel times. Travel times or transport arrangements are not considered as part of the selection process.

You can change school choices without explanation before 19 November 2021 by logging in to your application dashboard and make the changes. After this date there have to be serious extenuating circumstances that are well supported by evidence and any change must be approved by the Team.

See the minimum entry scores held by the last students accepting offers to opportunity classes last year when the reserve lists closed. These scores change from year to year. Please note that the entry scores for 2022 entry will not be known until after the placement process is finalised.

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