Transition to school: Information for parents and carers

This page provides information and resources for parents and carers to help support children to transition to school.

Supporting your child’s transition to school

Starting school is a big change for your child and family. You play an important role in helping your child get ready for school, as well as helping their school get ready for them.

You can help by:

Participate in transition to school programs and activities in your ECEC service to help you and your child more easily adjust to new routines and get a better understanding of what school will be like.

Ask your child’s school questions and participate in tours or orientations to help you and your child learn more about what to expect from their new school. It’s also an opportunity for you to share information about your child so the school can prepare accordingly.

It is important that you take the time to talk to your child about their transition to school to help them understand the change and feel confident and ready to begin their big school journey.

Supporting children with disability and additional needs

Children with disability and additional needs may require further support as part of their transition program.

Your child’s learning and support needs may be identified before they start school, or at any point during their schooling. Contact your local school to find out how you can give your child the best start to their education.

Visit our Additional needs in primary school page to learn more about how your child can be supported at school.

Reimagine Australia’s Ready Set School guide has also been designed to support parents and carers of children with disability and additional needs.

Resources to help you get started


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