Implementation and progress monitoring

Implementation and progress monitoring of your Strategic Improvement Plan allows you to plan, monitor and evaluate the high level activities aligned to each of your initiatives.

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Policy and context

Schools will implement and monitor the progress of their Strategic Improvement Plan in SPaRO. Schools should aim to monitor their school-determined activities at least twice a term. All schools will evaluate their progress measures annually as stated in the School Excellence Policy.


The purpose of implementation and progress monitoring is to ensure the successful implementation of the initiatives aligned to your school's strategic directions within the Strategic Improvement Plan (SIP). This allows the school to plan, monitor and evaluate the high level activities aligned to each initiative.

Ongoing and regular monitoring, reviewing and evaluation of the activities enables your school to stay on track to achieve its annual progress measures, which in turn will lead to the incremental achievement of the improvement measures.

This component of your Strategic Improvement Plan (SIP) is an internal working document and is not published online. To enable your school to be responsive to the needs of its students, teachers and leaders, implementation and progress monitoring should result in ongoing and strategic adjustments where required.

Animation for implementation and progress monitoring, and annual reflection

Once the SIP is finalised, schools will implement and monitor its progress in SPaRO, through ongoing evaluation of activities related to initiatives. This process is recommended twice a term. Schools add, tag and annotate evidence. The annual reflection is a review of the impact of these activities, supported by evidence. The annual reflection auto-populates the annual report.

Schools implement and monitor the progress of their Strategic Improvement Plan using school-determined activities and annual progress measures. Annual progress measures and initiatives are aligned to the strategic directions, and they identify the improvement the school is aiming for in each year of the plan.

The year in which the improvement measure is expected to be achieved is auto-populated from the strategic direction. Backward and forward mapping from the improvement measures determines progression through each year of the plan.

Schools evaluate the annual progress measure each year and record the impact achieved in their annual reflection.

Schools monitor and track implementation and progress of their strategic improvement plan on a regular basis in the SPaRO software.

Initiatives are the high level projects or processes identified in each strategic direction. They describe how each strategic direction will be achieved.

Activities are the key steps developed to support the implementation of each initiative and are added to the implementation and progress monitoring table as required. Schools identify the term and week for the start of each activity. The current progress of the activity can be recorded using the traffic light system. The relevant School Excellence Framework elements can be tagged for each activity to align the strategic planning, self-assessment and external validation processes. Activities can be assigned to individual staff or teams which are saved as tags for future use.

Resources are allocated to support the delivery of each activity. It’s important that schools select the relevant funding source using the ‘Add funding source’ button. Details of the planned spending can be included in the text box.

Schools regularly evaluate the progress and impact of their planned activities by analysing and reflecting on a range of data sources. The evidence can be stored in SPaRO using the paperclip icon. Evidence can be tagged using key words to organise and strengthen self-assessment processes. The evaluation of evidence will inform the school’s next steps.

Each year, schools evaluate and reflect upon the impact of their initiatives using the annual progress measures. This helps to ensure that they are on track for achieving the improvement measures. The annual reflection table will be auto-populated into the annual report. Schools also complete their SEF S-aS as part of this annual reflection.

Visit the NSW Education website and search ‘School Excellence’ to find the School Excellence in Action website.

Or refer to the user guide in SPaRO for more information on the implementation and progress monitoring of your school’s Strategic Improvement Plan.

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Using SPaRO to develop and monitor the Strategic Improvement Plan

Before implementing and monitoring the first year of your SIP, you will:

  • map improvement measures to develop annual progress measures
  • strategically plan the use of needs based funding to resource initiatives and activities in the implementation and progress monitoring section of SPaRO
  • create budget plans and monitor annual budget allocations for needs based funding in the eFPT.

1. Review the Strategic Improvement Plan

  • Monitor regularly.
  • Review according to your evaluation plan.
  • Track progress using the traffic light system.

2. Gather evidence of implementation and progress

  • Collect evidence in an ongoing manner.
  • Upload significant evidence to SPaRO. This evidence can be tagged against the School Excellence Framework (SEF) and annotated in preparation for external validation.

3. Adjust implementation and monitoring plan

  • Adjust as required following ongoing evaluation.

4. Finalise SIP annual reflection

  • Complete annual reflection and evaluation of each strategic direction.

5. Plan activities for future implementation and monitoring

  • Monitor annual budget allocations for all needs-based funding in the Funding sources table.
  • Determine the year’s activities for each initiative to achieve the annual progress measure.
  • Determine for each activity the:
    • implementation team (who)
    • commencement timeframe (when)
    • resources required
    • links to SEF themes.
  • Complete the evaluation for each activity after considering sources of evidence.

Implementation and progress monitoring support

Schools can find further resources and assistance on the implementation and progress monitoring support page (DoE staff only). Further school excellence support can be found at the Strategic School Improvement directory (DoE staff only).

Learn more

Further school support is available on the implementation and progress monitoring support (DoE staff only).

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