Implementation and progress monitoring

Implementation and progress monitoring of your Strategic Improvement Plan allows you to plan, monitor and evaluate the high level activities aligned to each of your initiatives.

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Policy and context

Schools will implement and monitor the progress of their Strategic Improvement Plan in SPaRO. Schools should aim to monitor their school-determined activities at least twice a term. All schools will evaluate their progress measures annually as stated in the School Excellence Policy.


The purpose of implementation and progress monitoring is to ensure the successful implementation of the initiatives aligned to your school's strategic directions within the Strategic Improvement Plan (SIP). This allows the school to plan, monitor and evaluate the high level activities aligned to each initiative.

Ongoing and regular monitoring, reviewing and evaluation of the activities enables your school to stay on track to achieve its annual progress measures, which in turn will lead to the incremental achievement of the improvement measures.

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Further school support is available on the Implementation and progress monitoring support (DoE staff only).

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