Annual reflection

Schools reflect on their progress at the end of each year to ensure they are on track towards achieving the improvement measures in their Strategic Improvement Plan.

Image: The annual reflection and evaluation process


As part of the School Excellence cycle, schools complete an annual reflection to evaluate the effectiveness of their initiatives, including the allocation of funds, towards achieving improved student outcomes.

Annual reflection is a key component of the four-year Strategic Improvement Plan (SIP). Completing the annual reflection helps schools to consider their progress and achievements, and make high level decisions about the next phase of their strategic planning and implementation, to ensure they stay on track towards their intended outcomes.

Evaluating your initiatives

When reflecting on the effectiveness of your school’s initiatives towards achieving the progress measures, it is important to consider evidence of activity, evidence of process quality and evidence of impact.

The guiding question to consider for annual reflection is: ‘What progress have we made, and what impact have we seen, as a result of the implementation of our initiatives in our Strategic Improvement Plan?’ Using the reflect and reset toolkit will help you to:

  • reflect on your evidence
  • plan your communication with stakeholders
  • make evidence-informed decision for future planning and continuous improvement.


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  • Educational accountability
  • Leadership and management
  • Planning
  • Reporting and performance
  • School Excellence Framework
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