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The Digital Strategy provides an overarching direction for the department’s transformation into a modern hybrid education system enabled by technology, data, and services.

Our vision

To create trusted digital services that empower personalised, lifelong learning journeys, allowing individuals to reach their goals and positively impact our community into the future. Our aim is to be Australia’s best education system, and one of the finest in the world.

Our approach

The strategy extends across three horizons shaping, improving, and evolving the way we deliver digital tools and services. Each horizon will be realised through the execution of initiatives delivered under six investment pillars – Evolved learning, Equitable access, Seamless services, Data-driven insights, Cyber secure, and Simplified IT.

The strategy will remain a living document that will be reviewed quarterly and refreshed annually to ensure it continues to meet the needs of the organisation.

Our six pillars of investment

The strategy identifies six investment pillars to unify the department's path to digital transformation.

Our guiding principles

Designed through consultation with the department and in alignment with NSW Government policies, we will use guiding principles as a tool to support decision making in the definition of the future state architecture.

Built on four core foundations

The department’s technology foundations are built around Security, Stability, Sustainability, and Scalability.

Our supporting documents

The Digital Strategy will be reinforced by a scalable future state architecture, strengthened by a sustainable operating model and stabilised through a robust service transformation technical roadmap.

Explore our strategy further

Learn more about our approach, roadmap, and the Digital Strategy's key investment areas.

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