Glossary term Definition Data source Updated
7-14-28 Day Aggregated Users Distinct count of all unique users over the previous (7-14-28) period. Note that as this metric is a distinct count, it accounts for new and returning users having the same ID, and will likely have a total less than the "Total Users" value over the same time period Google Big Query Daily
Avg. Session Duration The sum of all time spent on the URH across all sessions by all users is divided by the total number of sessions. Note: the time spent on the final webpage of a session is always counted as zero seconds due to a limitation with Google Analytics. Google Analytics Daily
Content Area The overall content area owner of a resource, taken from the metadata field [Source]. A single value per resource is allowed. Metadata Ad-hoc/ Content Releases
Click-throughs Total clicks on the "Go to resource" button on each resource card page. Measures resource usage via the URH resource card pages only, and does not include users accessing the resource directly without the URH. Google Analytics Daily
Date The date a user visited the URH. Google Analytics/ URH Backend Daily
Device The type of device used to access the URH. Desktop, Tablet, Mobile (phone)
Google Analytics
Directorate School Performance Directorate (previously known as Operational Directorate) School Master Data Ad-hoc
Distinct All Users Unique count of users visiting a given resource. Each employee has a unique ID (email address) within the department used to perform this count. Explicitly includes users associated with one or many schools, corporate/non-school-based users, and pre-service teachers. URH Backend (Google Big Query) Daily
Distinct Non-School Users Unique count of users not associated with a school, including corporate users and pre-service teachers. Currently, users associated with multiple schools are included in this count. URH Backend (Google Big Query) Daily
Distinct Resources Viewed Total unique resources viewed within the given filter selections Google Analytics Daily
Distinct Schools Unique count of schools with at least one user from the school visiting the hub. This value shows as "1" if the pivot table is expanded down to the individual school level, and summarises up to the Principal Network and Directorate level, whereas the KPI will always show the total count across all Directorates. URH Backend (Google Big Query)/
School Master Data
Distinct School Sessions Total unique sessions as assigned by the URH (rather than by GA) of those users associated with a school (as opposed to corporate/non-school-based users). Currently, users associated with multiple schools are excluded from this count. Google Big Query Daily
Distinct School Users Total users associated with a school (as opposed to corporate/non-school-based users and pre-service teachers). Currently, users associated with multiple schools are excluded from this count. The count shows as "0" for schools without any users only on the "Map of Users" report page. URH Backend (Google Big Query) Daily
Focus Area A single value taken from the [Focus Area.focusArea] subfield. One hierarchy level below Content Area. Metadata Ad-hoc/ Content Releases
Latitude/Longitude Geographical data from the CESE master dataset. Values on the map are only shown for schools with at least one user. School Master Data Ad-hoc
Level of Schooling One of six values: Central/Community School; Environmental Education Centre, Infants School; Primary School; Schools for Specific Purposes; Secondary School School Master Data Ad-hoc
New User Total users who have visited any URH webpage where the user is not indicated as having previously visited the URH. Google Analytics measures this by checking for a tracking cookie placed on a device from visiting the URH. Google Analytics Daily
No. of Views by User Total sources/content visited by the user in URH. Google Big Query Daily
Pages/Session Total webpages (e.g. home page, resource card(s), FAQ) visited within the URH, divided by the count of total sessions.
Google Analytics Daily
PL Link Name Name of professional learning resource. Shown as the hyperlink text of a PL Link in the URH. The overwhelming majority of PL Links are to sites external to the URH. Metadata Ad-hoc/ Content Releases
PL Clicks Total user clicks on a given Professional Learning Link. (Counts are only shown for PL resources with one or more clicks). Google Analytics Daily
PL URL The URL for a given Professional Learning resource can be accessed by clicking on the underlined "PL Clicks" value. Each PL Click resource URL is unique; however, each PL resource can be associated with any number of URH resources. Metadata Ad-hoc/ Content Releases
Principal Network Principal Network (one hierarchy level below Directorate) School Master Data Ad-hoc
Query Parameters List of 5 main query parameters including four filter selections (KLA, Year Group, Type, Source) and free-text "Search Terms" entered in the search bar. Free text searches are logged for searches that are three or more characters in length. URH Backend (Google Big Query) Daily
Resource Card Views Total page views for each resource card's page. Synonymous with "opening", "visiting" or "loading" a webpage. Google Analytics Daily
Resource Downloads Distinct count of users who have downloaded a resource. This includes opening a resource link. Google Big Query Daily
Resource ID A unique metadata identifier assigned to each resource through the QA process. Also used as part of the webpage URL e.g. "[Resource ID]". Metadata Ad-hoc/ Content Releases
Resource Name The resource name given to each resource during the QA process. Serves as the title for each resource card within the URH. Metadata Ad-hoc/ Content Releases
Returning User Number of users who have visited any URH webpage where the user is indicated as having previously visited the URH. Google Big query measures this by scanning for the first visit date of the user. If the first visit date exists, then it’s a returning user. Google Big Query Daily
School Name Full name of a school, including campus where applicable School Master Data Ad-hoc
School Type School or Non-School User Google Big Query Daily
Shares Total shares for each resource Google Analytics Daily
Sessions Total sessions. A single session contains the continuous list of web pages visited in the URH and clicks within those pages. A session ends after 30 minutes of inactivity or when the browser page/tab is exited. Google Big Query Daily
Sub-area Calculated from a combination of Content Area and Focus Area. Equal to the Content Area for all resources that are not from the Literacy & Numeracy (L&N) content area. Within L&N, values are assigned based on a focus area for either Literacy, Numeracy, or Literacy and Numeracy guide. Metadata Ad-hoc/ Content Releases
Total Searches Total searches made within the URH where at least one filter selection has been used and/or three or more characters entered into the URH search bar URH Backend (Google Big Query) Daily
Total Selected User Actions Total selected User Actions performed by all users across the URH URH Backend (Google Big Query) Daily
Total Users Total unique users. Note that this value will not count a user twice if they have had their first visit and then returned to the URH within the selected date period. Google Big Query Daily
Unique User Click-throughs Total unique click-through events based on Google Analytics data. Only one click-through per user per resource is counted. Equally, multiple click-throughs to a resource by the same user are only counted as one unique event. Google Analytics Daily
User Action List of key user interactions with URH. These include visiting a resource card, opening a resource link, and sharing or liking a resource card page. URH Backend (Google Big Query) Daily
User Type New or Returning User Google Analytics


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