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Data Source: Selective High School and Opportunity Class Online Placement System
Updated: Hourly

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This report allows primary school principals to view all students from their school who have submitted an application for entry to a selective high school for a specific placement test year.


How can I use this report?

You can use this report to identify those students from your school for whom you will need to provide school assessment scores (SAS). You can also view the application number of the student.

What should I look for?

Use the table to check to see if all parents who indicated the intention to apply have done so. Remind those who have not applied to do so before the closing date. In addition, please identify where parents have applied twice for the same student or have entered incorrect details.

Image: Overview of the report

Using the report

Select results with slicers

Use the slicers to select the information you want to display in the table.

Step 1

Select your school.

Step 2

Select a placement, consisting of the placement type and year.

Image: The selection slicers

Note: If the placement year is labelled 2021/2022 this indicates that the placement test will be undertaken in 2021 for entry in 2022.

View the cohort details

The slicers will automatically update what is shown in the report.

The total number of selected students will be displayed above a table of student details.

Image: Example of the student details table

Important: Please inform the High Performing Students Team immediately at if you see duplicate applications, students not enrolled at the school or errors in student details.

Sort columns

Clicking or selecting the black triangle under the column header will sort that column to be ascending order; clicking again reverses the order.

Export the table

The information from this report can be exported easily. Hover over the table and select the ‘More options’ ellipsis icon once it appears. Then select ‘Export data’.

This will show a box where you confirm that you want to download the information in the current table and export it as an Excel spreadsheet that you can edit and print.

Image: Exporting the data

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  • If you are having difficulty with access to a Scout App or report, please contact Support.


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