Connecting with deputies in Gordon and Carlingford

SLI team members hels an information session with deputy principals from across the Gordon and Carlingford networks this week as part of the Institute's growing program of school visits.

Members of our senior leaders and teacher leaders' teams presented to an audience of both primary and secondary DPs, talking about the resources and programs available to help deputy principals develop as leaders and enact the key accountabilities of their role.

The SLI has a range of options available to senior leaders , including the Deputy Principal Induction Conference, the Deputy Principal Role Description, and the Senior Leadership – Aspiring Principals Leadership Program.

The presentation included options on designing an individualised learning pathway using the SLI’s suite of resources, as well as opportunities to contribute to system leadership as a program facilitator.

This week’s event followed a similar presentation to senior leaders in the Mudgee Deputy Principal Network, with more planned for the future.

Image shows deputy principals taking part in an information session Image shows deputy principals taking part in an information session
Image: Deputy principals from the Carlingford and Gordon networks


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