High-quality assessment helps teachers monitor student progress and inform next steps for learning.

Assessment provides feedback to teachers on the effectiveness of their teaching approaches. Effective feedback cycles provide students, parents and carers with explicit, constructive and actionable information on student performance against learning outcomes from the syllabus, and how they can improve. By using a range of marking techniques and different types of assessments, it is possible to reduce the time teachers spend on marking and providing students with feedback, without negatively affecting learning outcomes

  • Implemented the check-in assessments for reading and numeracy (select years in primary and secondary).

  • Developed and improved additional formative assessment resources and templates for on-demand, optional use by teachers. 

  • Improve guidance around expectations for reporting to parents and carers.

  • Implement a single sign-on (SSO) for teachers and students to streamline the delivery of department-developed assessments.

  • Establish a joint working group with parents, carers and teachers to explore ways to streamline reporting processes. 

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