Skilled programming and lesson planning are a critical part of teaching. Searching for, verifying and adapting quality resources, however, can take teachers significant time.

The development and sharing of centralised, high quality resources for optional and on-demand use by teachers is in progress. By ensuring these are easily accessible, searchable and adaptable, teachers can be better supported through curriculum changes, making it easier to personalise and differentiate learning to the specific needs of students.

These resources are being developed by teachers for teachers and will be made available to schools following feedback provided by teachers and leaders in curriculum early adopter schools.

What's been completed

  • Launch of the Universal Resources Hub
    • Added reading and numeracy resources
    • Added curriculum reform resources
  • Continuing to update the Universal Resources Hub as part of the School Success Model program, including adding quality assured resources, units of work, and scope and sequences, in line with the syllabus rollout under the NSW curriculum reform, as well as improved ways to store, find and share teaching and learning content.
  • Developing a curriculum management system to easily find resources mapped to the curriculum.

  • Building on existing state-wide networks such as state-wide staffrooms to provide improved systems for further collaboration.

  • Utilising expert teachers and resources, such as Highly Accomplished and Lead Teachers (HALTs), Best in Class teachers and What Works Best resources to highlight efficient practices.

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