Plan learning and instruction template

When planning a sequence of lessons, plan the learning experience and instruction using the template for guidance.

Pre-assessment Coding (ATM) Learning plan* Differentiation Ongoing assessment
What pre-assessments will be used to check students' prior knowledge, skills levels and potential misconceptions? Are all 3 types of goals (acquisition, meaning, transfer) addressed in the learning plan?

a) Specific learning goal/intention:

a) Learning event/s:

b) Specific learning goal/intention:

b) Learning event/s:

include more as required

How will different readiness, interest and learning preferences be catered for?

How will progress be monitored?

Which learning events lend themselves to ongoing assessment for and as learning?

How will feedback be provided and by whom?

* For the 'Learning plan' column: consider if there is tight alignment across all 3 stages, and how each specific learning goal/intention contributes to stage 1 desired results. Use WHERETO and also consider the teacher's role and the strategies for acquire, meaning and transfer.


  • where and why
  • hook and hold
  • explore and experience, enable and equip
  • reflect, rethink, revise
  • evaluate work and progress
  • tailor and personalise the work
  • organise for optimal effectiveness.
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