Supervising teachers - use of the Graduate Standards

Graduate teachers have completed a qualification that meets the requirements of a nationally accredited program of initial teacher education.

The award of this qualification means that they have met the standards at the Graduate career stage of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.

Just like the other career stages of Proficient, Highly Accomplished and Lead, the standards at the graduate stage are organised into three domains of teaching

  • Professional Knowledge
  • Professional Practice
  • Professional Engagement.

Mentoring using the Graduate Standards

As a supervising teacher, you will be looking for evidence that the pre-service teacher you are mentoring has met the Graduate Standards throughout their placement.

You should discuss the standards with your pre-service teacher and provide feedback on areas of strength and areas for improvement.

Discuss the goals and evidence that you need in order for your pre-service teacher to demonstrate they have met or are exceeding the Graduate Standards.

View the filmed illustrations of the standards in action to find out more.

Visit the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) website to learn more about the standards.

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