Learning authors and session support officers

People who had designated roles in MyPL@Edu will keep these roles in MyPL. All developers and deliverers are now known as learning authors.

Learning authors:

  • author new courses or programs
  • author content (Learning assets) to be used in the course creation process
  • submit courses for endorsement as Accredited PD (currently unavailable)/Elective PD professional development
  • schedule sessions to enable participants to enrol
  • Learning Author dashboard (PDF 597 KB) describes how to navigate My Dashboard for Learning Authors.

Session support officers:

  • manage enrolments for a session
  • record the results of a session

Creating inclusive professional learning

All employees (with or without disability) need to be able to participate in professional learning on the same basis. The purpose of this resource is to build awareness and capacity of course authors, presenters and providers to design and host professional learning events that are not only compliant with standards, but truly usable and open to all. It has been developed to provide firstly, design implications and then secondly, delivery implications and what actions need to be taken to ensure professional learning is delivered with disability catered for in the appropriate manner. Inclusive professional learning is part of how we make education a great place to work and that our workforce is of the highest calibre.

Learn more about creating inclusive professional learning


Training courses and other materials are available online to assist in developing and delivering courses in MyPL. Your local network administrator will also be able to provide advice and support.

Useful Resources

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