Principals/directors or their delegates

New video tutorials

Using the Customisable Reports menu (transcript) PDF 20 KB

Browse enrolments for staff under supervision (transcript) PDF 14 KB

Endorse a course submitted by my staff (transcript) PDF 22 KB

Managing system-generated email with Outlook rules (transcript) PDF 22 KB

Requesting extra roles

Provide staff with access to MyPL as a Learning Author or Session Support Officer by logging a support ticket via the MyPL dedicated helpdesk.

Staff enrolment in courses

You will receive an email advising of all new staff enrolments in courses. Most courses do not require you to authorise staff enrolment.

Marking course deliverables

Marking Other Learning Participant Submission PDF 276 KB provides instructions for supervisors (usually principals) to review and mark a participant's submitted work.

Monitoring and reporting on professional learning

The maintenance of accurate records of the professional learning completed by all DoE staff to meet DoE and legislative requirements is essential. These records can be required to respond to requests from a variety of sources including DoE, the police, the coroner’s court, subpoenas and the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009.

The following documents provide support to assist principals and supervisors in using the reporting functions in MyPL

Acting/relieving principals

Changing your work location (PDF 272.04KB) or supervisor explains how to change the school or directorate you are assigned to.

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