Select students

Identify a set of 2-5 students who will be engaging with the new learning practice or strategy. Consider:

  1. diverse experiences and perspectives
  2. connections to school targets and focus equity groups or achievement levels
  3. connections to existing school planning, such as IPMs.

Establish the learning practice or strategy for students to focus on

What learning practice or strategy will students focus on when capturing their perspective through the Photovoice activity?

Complete Photovoice #1 (prior to professional learning)

  1. Provide students with a camera/iPad.
  2. Ask them to take photos in a particular lesson over the period of a week or fortnight (at least 3 opportunities). Provide specific guidance about when and why they might take photos. For example, when they think they:
    1. are engaged in problem-solving activities
    2. are engaged in learning (Through the process of Photovoice students may take photos of all sorts of different 'activities' that represent engagement to them. The sorting and discussion in each round of Photovoice will help build a shared understanding of what 'engagement' in learning means in this context and how we might increase engagement collectively.)
    3. feel like they belong.
  3. Store photos centrally.
  4. Print photos (or set up an online collaboration space - eg Miro, JamBoard).
  5. Meet with students and ask them to choose a sample of 3-5 photos that best represent the focus question.
  6. Discuss with students why they selected these photos.
  7. With students, collaboratively sort and group photos, annotate where appropriate, transcribe responses or record the discussion.
  8. Store as a record for later comparison.
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