Teacher wellbeing

It is especially important that you look after yourself and that we look out for one another. Below are some resources on how to take care of your emotional and physical health and wellbeing.

Teaching at home

The department has prepared a few resources to help you navigate teaching at home:

Set up your environment for teaching at home

When working from home, you'll need a comfortable and practical area to work in during the day. Your workspace should have:

  • plenty of light, without bright lights shining into your camera
  • clear walls, with no reflective surfaces
  • a desk for your computer.

Try to set up somewhere:

  • quiet and echo-free
  • away from visible corridors or open spaces.

This space doesn’t need to be permanently devoted to teaching, but it should be available during your teaching hours each day.

Support student wellbeing

Information for teachers to use to support students and their wellbeing.

Talking to students about coronavirus (COVID-19) (PDF 397KB)

Business Unit:

  • Educational Standards
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