Transcript – Meet Roz Niemann

My name is Roz, and I am a School Administrative Manager. And I have a couple of staff and we are responsible for the daily machinations of school operations, the arrivals, the early leavers and all the architecture of all the individual school budgets.

It's hard not to be emotional about it, to some extent, because it's so very different. Insights, there's been some great insights, it really points out a few failures and how you do think, had that together? Maybe not so. So it's been a big learning curve at the same time.

I'd be lying if I didn't feel like I'd like it to be over soon. There's certainly been days when I haven't coped, I have felt like I'm on top of things some days, other days I felt like a complete failure. So it does bring a lot of challenges because everybody's at a heightened level, the staffs at a heightened level, the parents are at a heightened level. It's hard not to feel just exhausted by the energy that's around you sometimes. And other days, I mean, I'm inordinately proud of the fact that we've done a terrific job in lots of areas. So I think we wouldn't have had that feeling have we not been pushed to produce this or to produce that.

The Zoom sessions have been a bit of a godsend, really. And they've been fun. We've even had some music jams Zoom sessions. So that's a challenge because some of those people are professional musicians. And I'm a wannabe perpetual amateur. But it's been great to actually freewheel past the usual mode that you're in and surrender to it. So that was huge, to actually have that much fun. And find that it completely broke the pattern that was going on my head and gave me like a huge breath of fresh air that I could, I can carry on.

I have great talented people in the front, and inordinately grateful they work with me. And I do feel for them, because they've got younger children. I'm an empty nester now. And I think it really helps me to go out there and just say it'll be fine. I've got your back, you've got mine. And as far as something to do for them, well, let them start a little later, let them leave a little earlier, so that they can pick their kids up. They don't have to worry about them being on public transport, if they've got a little paranoia about that and just support them so that we're all very flexible. We'll make it up another time. And it's been great to bond together, because we do need each other. It's made us realise we really do need each other, to be able to get through it. And I've been really happy that I've been able to say no, I can do that cause you know, I know what you've got going on and then I'll ask you something later. So we'll get back to it, it's fine.

It's okay to ask for help. Then you can help yourself and others. Care and Connect.

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