Software development – mechatronic and automated systems

Building mechatronic and automated systems is a focus area of the Software development category in the Computing Technology syllabus. This suite of resources are designed for implementing with Year 9 in Semester 2.

In this unit you will develop a fundamental understanding of mechatronic and automated systems. You will investigate different mechatronic and automated systems and choose one to research in depth. You will be guided through the design production process and use an iterative approach in developing a system in a collaborative task.

The suite of resources includes a Program of learning that shows the teaching and learning cycle over a semester with learning intentions and success criteria and this can be contextualised to your school.

The Teacher support resource has a series of activities that align to the Program of learning and can readily be converted to a student booklet with the extraction of the sample answers.

There are also two sample assessment tasks that can be completed throughout the Program of Learning. These assessment samples give opportunity for formative and summative feedback.

For further support contact the TAS team through TAS@det.nsw.edu.au


Please note:

The new Computing Technology 7–10 Syllabus (2022) is to be taught from 2024.

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