Developing driving questions

During the identify and define phase of a STEM project, the driving question (DQ) is used to provide a clear purpose of the learning for both students and teachers. It sets the context for the learning and links to the content standards. The DQ should be clear, provocative, open-ended, challenging and linked to the core of what teachers want students to learn. Without a DQ, students may not understand why they are undertaking a project; moreover, strong driving questions provide students with an understanding and appreciation for planned investigations and activities during project time.

How to write a driving question

The driving question is an integral component of an authentic STEM learning sequence. When well-constructed, it provides students with the scope and direction for their creative thinking and problem-solving. Writing a STEM driving question video (6:43) demonstrates one process that you may use as a guide in the development of quality driving questions.

What does it take to write a great driving question?
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