Road safety education: Safe Active Travel K-12

Walking, riding or scooting to and from school has many physical, social and mental benefits for students and their families. It also assists with reducing the traffic congestion around schools. This professional learning supports school leaders and teachers to adopt a whole school approach when embedding safe active travel initiatives into school routines.

At this full-day workshop, school leaders/teachers will:

  • identify the challenges and opportunities for safe active travel at their school and in the local community.

  • review and plan strategies to encourage safe active travel to and from school, if suitable for their local area.

A follow-up meeting is held several weeks after the workshop, to provide participants with additional support with developing/implementing their safe active travel initiative.

Accreditation: This professional learning contributes 6 hours of elective professional learning for NSW teacher accreditation, addressing Australian professional standards 4.4.2, 7.3.3 proficient; 3.7.3, 4.4.3 highly accomplished; 7.3.4 lead teacher.

Cost: Casual teacher relief is available for one teaching staff member if the school hasn’t previously attended. Additional teachers and school leadership are welcome to attend.

Register via MyPL NR33119 (Virtual delivery)

NB: registrations close one week prior to the workshop day.

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