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Planning for learning in mathematics

Three modules of 20 minutes duration.

Duration – 20 minutes

Available – now

Understand 5 practices for orchestrating effective mathematical.

  • What are 5 practices for facilitating effective mathematical discussions and why do they matter?
  • What do the 5 practices look like in the classroom?

Duration – 20 minutes

Available – 2022

Understand the role of a scope and sequence in planning rich mathematical experiences and the role of the classroom teacher in developing and refining scope and sequence documents for their students.

  • What is the role of a scope and sequence and how does it support learning?
  • What are some practical strategies for developing and using flexible scope and sequences as tools for planning?

Duration – 20 minutes

Available – 2022

Design and sequence rich mathematical tasks.

  • What is a unit?
  • What is a process for designing a unit?
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