Planning, assessment and reporting

Four modules of 15 to 20 minutes duration.

Duration – 20 minutes
Available – 2022

Design and use scope and sequences

  • What are the features of a quality scope and sequence?
  • Why is it important to revisit some concepts and skills?
  • How might I monitor student progress towards achievement of syllabus outcomes?

Duration – 20 minutes
Available – 2022

Design and implement an engaging and impactful unit

  • What does an engaging and impactful English unit look like?
  • How do I timetable to ensure effective syllabus coverage?
  • What pedagogical practices support student development?
  • Why is unit flexibility important?

Duration – 20 minutes
Available – 2022

Understand assessment strategies and tools: how, why and when

  • Which strategies are most effective for assessment in English?
  • What informs my selection of assessment tools?
  • In what ways can I act upon student learning data in English?

Duration – 15 minutes
Available – 2022

Report effectively using assessment

  • What are the features of effective teacher comments for English?’
  • How can analysis of student work samples improve consistency of teacher judgement?
  • How else might I share information about student learning and progress with parents and carers?
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