English as an additional language or dialect learners

Five modules of 10-15 minutes duration

Duration – 15 minutes
Available – now

Develop a greater understanding of EAL/D learners.

  • What is the difference between the terms EAL/D and LBOTE?
  • How can the ACARA EAL/D Learning Progressions be used to identify the language needs EAL/D learners?
  • What do EAL/D learners bring to their learning?

Duration – 10 minutes
Available – now

Understand how to engage EAL/D learners in the classroom.

  • How can the cultural and language demands of learning tasks be assessed?
  • Why is it important to identify the strengths EAL/D students bring to the classroom?
  • Why provide high challenge, high support for EAL/D learners?
  • How can home language be used to support English language development?

Duration – 10 minutes
Available – now

Recognise effective pedagogies and practices for EAL/D learners.

  • How do EAL/D learners develop English language proficiency?
  • How can teachers plan for both language and content outcomes?
  • Why is scaffolding effective for EAL/D learners?
  • What pedagogies and practices support programming for EAL/D learners?

Duration – 10 minutes
Available – now

Explore strategies to scaffold assessment for EAL/D learners.

  • How can teachers assess language proficiency alongside subject knowledge?
  • Why is it important to scaffold English language demands when assessing content knowledge?
  • What assessment strategies support EAL/D learners to demonstrate their learning?

Duration – 15 minutes
Available – now

Consider next steps for supporting EAL/D learners.

  • What skills and knowledge do teachers need to develop to effectively support EAL/D learners?
  • Where can teachers find resources to support curriculum planning for EAL/D learners?
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