The eight themes of what works best with the Assessment theme highlighted

High quality student assessment helps us know that learning is taking place. Assessment is most effective when it is an integral part of teaching and learning programs.

Assessments such as Best Start Year 7, short assessments, the Year 9 check-in assessment and NAPLAN can provide information that contributes to the early identification of students who may need support in achieving the HSC minimum standard. This will allow targeted teaching to be provided throughout Stages 4-5.

Ongoing assessment is important in determining student readiness to sit the HSC minimum standard tests. PLAN2 allows teachers to record observations of students’ literacy and numeracy learning to monitor progress using the National Literacy and Numeracy Learning Progressions.

Maintaining a focus on literacy and numeracy (secondary) – Monitoring and supporting learning with PLAN2 is an online professional learning course that demonstrates the use of key features of PLAN2 to support and monitor learning in high schools.

The EAL/D Learning Progression (PDF 316 KB) supports teachers to determine the current strengths and needs of English language learners.

Teachers can view a School Discovery that explores the use of formative assessment strategies to support students’ achievement of the HSC minimum standard at Kurri Kurri High School (staff only).

School Discovery: Kurri Kurri High School
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