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Schools library policy

The schools library policy sets out the requirements for school libraries and the responsibilities of school principals, teacher librarians and other school staff in relation to learning in the school library.

Teaching and learning is central to the school library role. The school libraries policy summarises the integral role of the school library in Public Schools NSW including:

  • collaborative teaching support
  • information services
  • personnel
  • materials and equipment systems.

Libraries - Finance in Schools Handbook (FISH)

  • Chapter 12 (Libraries) in the Finance in Schools Handbook (FISH) has been updated to reflect current management practices using the Oliver Library Management System.
  • Refer to 12.3 Managing resources including library stocktake. As library collections include an essential mix of digital and physical resources the requirement to undertake a stocktake can be substituted by the risk management process.
  • Note that it is no longer a requirement to stocktake the whole collection every two years.


The Smartcopying website is the official guide for all copyright issues for Australian schools.

It includes a range of guides, information sheets, FAQs, legal requirements and resources. Visit this site for the latest, authoritative information and guidance.


Scan refereed journal offers engaging professional support for all educators including information on teaching and learning in a digital age and resource reviews relevant to curriculum priorities.

School magazine

The School Magazine is Australia's most loved and longest running literary magazine for children. A School Magazine subscription gives students access to high quality texts, richly illustrated and filled with engaging characters and teachers access to teaching guides with quality lesson ideas, worksheets and extension activities.

Need to know more?

The Handbook for school libraries also provides guidelines to teacher librarians.

The Teacher librarian memorandum states that teacher librarians are essential, collaborative teaching partners in the school. The memorandum indicates that 20% is a fair and reasonable minimum for the management time of the teacher librarian.

Information skills in the school provides a framework for developing student skills to enhance information literacy.

Resource reviews in Scan help schools select resources relevant to their teaching and learning priorities.

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