Curriculum planning for every student PL

Microlearning modules for 'Curriculum planning for every student in every classroom' professional learning, supporting K-12 teachers to effectively plan to optimise learning for all students.


School leadership teams may choose to facilitate this course for groups or teams in their school.

About the course

Explore evidence-based strategies to plan effective learning experiences for the full range of students. This professional learning highlights inclusive planning principles that are essential to know and understand as you review your teaching and learning materials.

The learning experiences and resources in this course encourage reflection and collegial discussion focused on evidence-based practices that underpin curriculum planning for every student K–12.

The course supports teams to collaboratively plan and develop authentic learning experiences based on a deep understanding of inclusive instructional design principles.

More information

Information is regularly published in Staff noticeboards and through Statewide staffrooms. If you have any questions or would like more information, please email the with the subject 'Curriculum planning K–12 professional learning'.

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