The texts used in classrooms

Texts are used to support teaching and learning across a range of subjects from Kindergarten to Year 12.

Secondary schools are required to advise parents and carers of the texts their students will be engaging with for all subjects. Primary schools may also choose to do the same. When communicating with parents and carers about texts, the templates in the text selection notification may be used. These templates can be adapted to suit school context.

The selection of texts used in schools should be considered in line with the expectations of, and relevance to, the curriculum and the Controversial Issues in Schools Policy. The Controversial Issues in Schools – Procedures, includes a sample template that teachers can use for permissions where controversial issues may be addressed.

Texts in Stage 6 English

While texts are used across the curriculum, the study of texts is essential in English.

In Stage 6, each English course has its own text requirements. It is recommended that teachers know their course prescriptions for Year 11 and Year 12. Each requirement should be backward mapped through the course prescriptions to ensure all requirements are met across the stage of learning.

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