Professional learning

The following resources are available for teachers, schools and educational leaders to support the teaching of Early Stage 1 to Stage 3 English. They have been developed to build teachers' capacity to better understand challenging aspects of the English syllabus.

Please note they do not meet WCAG 2.0 requirements. If you require an accessible format please contact an adviser under further information.

  • Using digital and multimodal texts K–6 (DOCX 173KB) explores using digital and multimodal texts in a K–6 classroom by identifying relevant outcomes and content from the syllabus and developing a sequence of learning experiences.
  • Exploring composing in the English syllabus (DOCX 806KB) examines syllabus definitions in the context of composing across all modes and syllabus objectives. It provides examples of teaching and learning opportunities where students produce spoken, written or visual texts.
  • Engaging personally with texts (DOCX 574KB) explores the difference between literacy and the subject of English. It identifies the needs of students to engage personally with texts through the relevant outcomes and content from the syllabus.
  • Quality literature is a series of videos which demonstrate a variety of strategies to improve engagement through the use of quality literature in the classroom.


The SyllabusPLUS series of Adobe Connect sessions was made to assist teachers with the implementation of the NSW syllabuses for the Australian curriculum. Recordings of the sessions can be found below. Schools can schedules events in MyPL (requires login) using the appropriate course code.

Course code Course video Transcript of video
NR05135 Programming in EnglishTranscript of 'Programming in English'
NR05455 The English K–10 syllabus and using textsTranscript of 'The English K–10 syllabus and using texts'
NR05805 English as an additional language or dialect (EALD) learners in English K–6Transcript of 'English as an additional language or dialect (EALD) learners in English K–6'
NR05806 Rich talk about texts in English K–6Transcript of 'Rich talk about texts in English K–6'
NR06182 Annotations on a unit of learningTranscript of 'Annotations on a unit of learning'

Teaching grammar

Transcript of 'Teaching grammar'
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