In episode has an overview of the virtual excursion. It includes comments and visuals that provide students with an idea of what knowledge and understanding they will gain from this excursion, and its links to their subjects.

Introduction (3:32)

Episode 2 – Introduction

Warning – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are warned that the following video may contain images and voices of deceased persons.

Melissa Ellis – Geography teacher, Southern Cross University

Standing here where I am at this moment, just over here to my left is where the remains of Lady Mungo and Mungo Man were found. It's just very exciting to see that environment, learn about the animals, the plants, and the formation of that environment. And also, the history that lays beneath the soil here.

Amanda Ritchie – Science teacher, Southern Cross School of Distance Education

It's about experiencing and seeing and believing and learning from others.

Sheri Hennessy – Aboriginal studies teacher, Southern Cross School of Distance Education

We’ve just had an incredible immersive experience here at Mungo and the youth forum.


Welcome to your virtual excursion of Lake Mungo situated in the Willandra Lakes Region. Southern Cross School of Distance Education created these resources in collaboration with the Mungo Youth Project representatives from Mutthi Mutthi Paakantji and Ngyiampaa people, National Parks and Wildlife, World Heritage, and the Department of Education and community.


Being surrounded by experts in many different fields, scientists, educators, archaeologists, geologists, indigenous elders, national parks people, and to have everyone working together with the youth of today in such a warm, friendly, supportive, collaborative environment has been really eye opening for me.

Ivan Johnston – Discovery Ranger, Mungo National Park

Good afternoon, everybody. My name is Ivan Johnston. I'm a Discovery Ranger from Mungo National Park.

Daniel Rosendahl – Executive Officer, Willandra Lakes Region World Heritage Area

So, I'm the Executive Officer for the Willandra Lakes Region World Heritage area.

Ian Wakefield – Land holder, Top Hut Station, Willandra Lakes Region

I'm Ian Wakefield, I'm a local land holder of Top Hut Station


We're here today meeting with Jo Gorman, the Area Manager for National Parks and Wildlife. Thanks so, much, Jo, for coming along and talking to us.

[Screen reads: Jo Gorman, Area Manager, Lower Darling NSW National Parks and Wildlife]

[Melissa and Sheri sitting together on a log]


There's been the opportunity to learn about science, climate change, Aboriginal heritage and stories from elders. Even though I'm here focusing on my subject area of geography, I'm constantly learning and hearing about other aspects of subject areas in content knowledge that are opportunities here for learning for students.


I'm taking back, lot of hope and a lot of inspiration to keep working as an educator, to inspire young people, to understand Aboriginal culture and seeing it as a living vibrant culture and the significance that it has for us as a nation.

Ross O Shea – Principal consultant, Mundi Consulting Services

I mean the young people that are here are the people that will be learning about what people like Harvey and I have learned and understand they are in essence, they're our tomorrow. And it's important that we, that we use opportunities to bring young people into this environment.

The real pleasure has been the journey. The journey of watching people come together, watching people as they have learnt the things that we have learnt, watching people as they've come to acknowledge the special-ness and the importance of this place to Australia and all Australians.

List of sources and acknowledgements

  • Acknowledgement. Southern Cross School of Distance Education acknowledges the traditional custodians of the land on which this series of videos were filmed. We wish to pay respect to their Elders – past, present and emerging – of the Paakantji, Ngyiampaa and Mutthi Mutthi peoples. We acknowledge their integral role in the production of these videos and express our gratitude for their deep generousity in welcoming us onto their country and sharing their knowledge and expertise. We recognise their tireless ongoing work to maintain and share this country, its significant sites and the deep and important history which it holds for all Australians.

  • Acknowledgement. We wish to thank Ivan Johnston, Discovery Ranger, for his deep knowledge of the country and its history. Ivan gave unique insight into traditional lives during his tour of the Walls of China at Lake Mungo National Park.

  • Narration. Voice over by Sheri Hennessy, Southern Cross School of Distance Education.


NSW Government Public Schools, Learning Systems, DART connections, Southern Cross School of Education. Virtual Excursions 2017.

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