In this episode students are provided with information about the size and location of Lake Mungo and its surrounding area. Along with the previous episodes, it lets students build on their understanding of the importance of this area. (0:57 )This is explored further in ensuing episodes.

Episode 4 – Geographical location

Warning – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are warned that the following video may contain images and voices of deceased persons.

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The Willandra Lakes region covers 2,400 kilometres squared of semi-arid landscape in the Murray Basin area of New South Wales. Mungo National Park is situated in the Willandra Lakes region.

It is 110 kilometres northeast of Victoria, New South Wales border towns of Mildura and Wentworth and 140 kilometres northwest of the New South Wales town of Balranald.

Mungo National Park covers an area of 90,256 hectares and is included within the Willandra Lakes Regional World Heritage Area.

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NSW Government Public Schools, Learning Systems, DART connections, Southern Cross School of Education. Virtual Excursions 2017.

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