Geography 11-12 (2022) Syllabus – information for school leaders

The Geography 11-12 (2022) syllabus replaces content in Geography 11-12 (2009) syllabus from 2024.

The NSW Geography 11-12 (2022) syllabus recognises the critical importance of developing students’ sense of curiosity about the places, environments and cultures that make up our world, enabling them to be more attuned to its diversity and complexity. The study of Geography enables students to seek credible information and evidence, consider and evaluate differing views, and express their own ideas and arguments.

The Geography 11–12 (2022) Life Skills syllabus includes outcomes and content that may be selected based on the needs, strengths, goals, interests and prior learning of each student. It is provided as an option for students with disability who cannot access the regular course outcomes.

What you need to know

  • In 2023, teachers engage with the syllabus, and plan and prepare fo
    implementation of the curriculum.
  • In 2024, implementation commences in schools, for Year 11.
  • In 2024 Term 4, implementation commences for Year 12.
  • In 2025 the first HSC examination will be held.

The Geography 11-12 (2022) syllabus includes:

  • updated geographical inquiry skills and tools
  • increased opportunities for students to investigate contemporary studies
  • updated and specific information about the Geographical Investigation in Year 11
  • increased opportunities for students to study the roles and contributions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and international Indigenous Peoples
  • an international case study in each Year 12 topic.

Prior to implementing the Geography 11-12 (2022) syllabus, leaders will need to consider the following:

  • supporting teachers’ understanding of the changes to the syllabus structure and familiarisation with the digital curriculum platform to ensure the syllabus is taught as intended
  • resource and budget implications, including updated learning materials and fieldwork costs where relevant
  • complexities for staff teaching Geography 11-12 (2022) out-of-field and ensuring adequate professional learning, where relevant
  • awareness of the Controversial Issues in Schools policy and procedures, which is essential planning for teaching various aspects of Geography 11-12.

The Geography 11-12 (2022) Syllabus is based on evidence summarised in the bibliography published by NESA.

  • To what extent do staff understand the syllabus and the evidence underpinning the new syllabus? How has this been fostered and understanding evaluated?
  • What school practices and systems are in place to support teacher professional learning? How are these evaluated to maximise support for teachers?
  • To what extent are staff ready to undertake syllabus implementation? How is readiness determined?
  • What evidence is there that staff have understood syllabus changes and familiarised themselves with the new syllabus?

Further support

See the NSW Department of Education Curriculum Reform web page for updates and additional information.


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