Using the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers as a framework, consider:

Know your students and how they learn

  • What is the context (students’ backgrounds and needs)?
  • What do the students already know about the textual concept/s?
  • What do they need to learn next?
  • What are their needs when responding to quality literature? When composing?

Know the content and how to teach it

  • Is your understanding of the English textual concepts sufficient to enhance the learning outcomes of students? Find information and resources on the English Textual Concepts website.
  • Will the text enhance the students’ abilities to achieve desired outcomes?

Plan for and implement effective teaching practice

Starting – Begin with knowing which English textual concept/s you are exploring then select specific text/s which align with the concept/s.

Teacher delivery options:

  • Could the text be used as a mentor text for student writing?
  • Will the entire text be used or a chapter/page/paragraph/sentence/scene?
  • Will the text be read by the teacher/students/both?

Teaching strategies:

  • Are you modelling reading (aloud) widely and often?
  • Are the students reading/viewing/listening widely and often?

The selling point – if you read, discuss and explore quality texts you are passionate about, your passion will come through in your delivery. This will transfer to the students which will deepen their engagement.

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