Transition to School Digital Statement

How schools can use Transition to School Digital Statements.

The Transition to School Digital Statement captures a child’s developmental progress, strengths and learning dispositions aligning with the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) outcomes. It helps schools prepare for new kindergarteners and support continuity of learning.

The statement aligns with the EYLF outcomes and may be used to complement other important activities such as information and orientation sessions and the Best Start Kindergarten Assessment.

Together, they can help provide schools with information to:

  • get to know the children entering their classrooms
  • help students settle into their new school environment
  • begin to plan appropriate teaching and learning programs.

Access Transition to School Digital Statements

NSW public school principals who receive these statements can:

  • access the statements through the school’s dashboard or Staff Portal application.
  • delegate staff access through the Access Management Utility (AMU) and Manage Staff Access (MSA).

Resources to support transition to school


  • Early childhood education
  • Teaching and learning


  • Web page

Business Unit:

  • Educational Standards
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