Stage 6 Music 1

Professional learning materials and resources explicitly address learning objectives, are clear and engaging for participants to use is achieved by each of the three modules in the professional learning.

Learning Intentions

This 6-hour Accredited PD course supports Stage 6 music teachers with strategies to effectively teach and assess the Music 1 Preliminary and HSC courses. The learning intentions are to:

  • understand the objectives, outcomes and content of the Stage 6 Music 1 syllabus.
  • design teaching and learning activities for performance, composition, musicology and aural learning experiences.
  • develop school-based planning and assessment strategies for Music 1 Stage 6

Success Criteria

  • Completing module
  • Understanding the aims, objectives, outcomes and content of the music 1 course
  • Applying understanding of course content to deliverables
  • Completing the reflections on the integrated learning activities
  • Completing the performance, composition, aural and musicology activities that link the content to the syllabus outcomes
  • Completing module and all activities within
  • Completing multiple choice, true or false and matchup activity relating to assessment requirements
  • Creating a school-based assessment for preliminary and HSC music to be uploaded as a deliverable to complete the course
  • Complete practice marking of student sample performance, compositions and musicology viva voces.
  • Evaluate student samples through responding to targeted questions.
  • Complete multiple choice questions and paragraph responses on assessment in music 1

It includes:

  • Professional learning - Preliminary
  • Professional learning - HSC
  • Module – deliverable
  • Self-paced professional learning.


To enrol in Stage 6 Music 1 go to MyPL.


Approximate duration is 6 hours.

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