Stage 6 Dance – Approaches and insights

This module contains videoed interviews with students and their teachers focusing on the development of the various major study options in HSC dance.

In the 8 teacher interviews, participants learn of the support structures and strategies used to scaffold and foster student achievement in the Stage 6 dance course, as well as reflect on their own teaching practice while gaining insight into approaches used by successful teachers in various school settings across NSW.

This is an online course.

Learning goals

As a set of three eLearning modules the professional learning focuses on:

  • Module 1, the stage 6 preliminary Dance syllabus.
  • Module 2, the stage 6 HSC Dance syllabus.
  • Module 3, case studies (as videoed interviews) of teaching practice, and student experiences.

These resources are available as 6 hours of learning through if all 3 are completed. That is, complete, Module 1, 2, and 3.

This application focuses on module 3.

  1. Explore approaches and insights into various projects.
  2. Select and respond to pedagogical practices, experiences and advice through a series of interviews.
  3. Complete a deliverable workbook reflecting and applying teaching practices and approaches.

Some questions from the workbook may be:
The videoed interviews themselves contain Dance teachers from a wide variety of contexts from around NSW sharing their practice and successful stage 6 experience. Questions that were developed for the teacher interviews are:

  1. List three strategies that you have heard in the videos that you could implement to improve your own teaching practice.
  2. Describe three examples of ways you could differentiate your teaching and learning strategies to cater for a wide range of student abilities. After listening to the interviews, how could you enhance your practice to support students in the future?
  3. Note some of the approaches that the teachers interviewed utilised to support their students in a Major Study Option. Reflect on the ways that you might support your students.
  4. Identify two Stage 6 Dance syllabus outcomes and explain how they are addressed in the interviews selected.
  5. What are two notable aspects from the interviews that you would like your current students to know and how will you incorporate this into your future program's?
  6. How did the teachers support the needs of their students? What insights could you offer your students?
  7. List one strategy for each component that you could implement into your teaching practice.
    a. Core Performance:
    b. Core Composition:
    c. Core Appreciation:
    d. Major Study:
  8. In what ways can your engagement with this learning, support your own school’s strategic directions, or School Plan?
  9. Identify two Professional Teaching Standards and explain how they were reflected in your chosen teacher interviews.

After listening to the interviews list any helpful notes, comments or strategies for future use. In these three ways pedagogical practice has been shared to the participant teachers who can learn and build their capacity from these case studies.

The Assessments are submitted into the Creative Arts state-wide staffroom Dance 7-12 channel for collaboration and discussion with colleagues. The curriculum team will check this has been done prior to saying the teacher completed the course. Additionally, at the end of the course, teachers will submit the final reflection task, to MyPL for the curriculum team to mark as completed.

Participant teachers are supplied with contact details for the Creative Arts curriculum team if they would like more information. To achieve level 2 for this criteria this professional learning does not need to achieve level 3 of an embedded strategy to build sustained communities of practice.

Success criteria

The professional learning requires a facilitator, supervisor and automated process to determine the achievement of learning objectives through a formal or informal judgement or observation.

Achievement of the learning objectives in the course is determined in several ways.

  1. Within each module participants respond to eLearning techniques for engagement. These include close passages, answering questions, writing short answer responses, dropping and dragging items.
  2. Each of the three modules is finalised by the completion of an assessment task for the participant. Module 1 has an online unit evaluation that the participant will submit for collaboration and discussion on the 7-12 Dance channel channel in the Creative Arts statewide staffroom. Participants will not be marked off until this is completed and checked by the Creative Arts Advisor. If participants don’t submit the deliverable on the statewide Dance channel above, the creative arts curriculum team will not mark them as completed on MyPL.
  3. Module 2 has an online task that consists of writing for stage 6 exemplar and teacher participants will also complete an additional assessment task for sharing and collaboration. This will be submitted on the state-wide staffroom 7-12 Dance channel and checking by a member of the curriculum team before being marked as completed on MyPL.
  4. The final module, module 3 has a series of reflection questions that ask the participant teacher to consider what they have learnt from the referential case studies videoed interviews. These can be viewed in the teacher workbook task submitted with this application. They are also asked to identify links to the teacher’s professional standards, to the syllabus outcomes, to their own specific school’s strategic directions. This task is then to be submitted to the Creative Arts curriculum team only on MYPL due to them being personal reflections. The final assessment task is an attachment to the module and checked only by the curriculum advisors.

It includes:

  • Stage 6 dance pre module 3 survey
  • Module 3 - Approaches and insights
  • Teacher workbook dance
  • Stage 6 dance post module 3 survey.


To enrol in Stage 6 Dance - Approaches and insights go to MyPL.


Approximate duration is 3 hours and 30 minutes.

Please note: You must successfully complete Stage 6 Dance - Preliminary and Stage 6 Dance - HSC before enrolling in Stage 6 Dance - Approaches and insights.

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