CApture student filmmaking resource

This resource focuses on developing skills, knowledge and understanding of filmmaking for Stage 5 students.

To capture something on camera is to frame, represent and record it. Capturing your world, story or ideas on camera involves much more than just pointing your camera at a subject or scene and pressing the shutter button. It is important to consider your vision and aims as an artist and how you communicate these to your audience. Capturing their attention and interest is essential to the successful realisation and resolution of your work.

Using this resource

This resource provides strategies and suggests activities for the development of short films through a deep exploration of film conventions.

These approaches can be tailored to fit any creative arts subject as standalone units or collaborative work across multiple classes. Teachers can set standalone activities from the resource or work sequentially through the entire series of activities. Teachers can adapt or add resources and/or feedback tasks to further differentiate learning.

This interactive resource guides Stage 5 creative arts students through the collaborative processes of filmmaking.

Teacher support guide for programming and assessment

A guide to support dance teachers in delivering CApture - a Stage 5 creative arts filmmaking resource.


Please note:

Syllabus outcomes and content descriptors from Dance 7–10 Syllabus (2003) © NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) for and on behalf of the Crown in right of the State of New South Wales, 2017.

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