What does Empowering Change mean?

Empowering Change promotes evaluation as identifying and promoting best practice, meaningful change and innovation. Culturally responsive evaluation, and day to day practice, should facilitate and celebrate the strengths of Aboriginal communities and cultures, whilst building the capacity of non-Aboriginal people to engage authentically and respectfully, in a spirit of walking and working together.

What are some practical examples I can use to embed this Guiding Principle?

Practical application of this Framework will look and feel different across the many contexts and environments of the NSW public education space. Everyone is encouraged to embrace the Framework and determine what the Guiding Principles mean for the work we do.

  1. Partner meaningfully with Aboriginal learners, students, their families, communities and Aboriginal organisations. Partnership can also extend to co-designing evaluation questions. This means engaging with Aboriginal people and communities early and respectfully co-designing outcomes together. Negotiate the measures of success and impact in shared terms and if you gather input, check it and reshare it with the people you have consulted in a timely and appropriate way before you use or publish it.
  2. Listen and act on what you’ve heard. Aboriginal communities have seen many reports, reviews and recommendations. Words and promises, however well-meaning are not enough; it’s through actions that better outcomes for Aboriginal early learners, young people and their communities. Respect, credibility, trust and change is built through implementing recommendations that have been developed in authentic partnership with Aboriginal people and communities.

Murat Dizdar, Secretary NSW Department of Education talks about the importance of Empowering Change

Murat Dizdar, Secretary, NSW Department of Education

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