Teaching Opens Doors - Brigitte’s Story

Brigitte is a primary teacher in a NSW public school. She enjoys teaching students with a diverse range of learning needs and believes that the connections she makes with her students are one of the most important and rewarding aspects of her career.

Teacher assisting student with his brailled learning materials Teacher assisting student with his brailled learning materials

The ‘Teaching Opens Doors’ Campaign features teachers and students from a range of public schools across NSW, highlighting how teaching has ‘opened doors’ to a range of opportunities within and outside of the classroom.

One of the teachers featured in the campaign is Brigitte, teacher in a NSW public school located in North Sydney.

As a beginning teacher, Brigitte benefitted from mentoring and support in her first year of full-time teaching having been allocated an in-school mentor through the Beginning Teacher Support Program. Brigitte was able to approach her mentor with curriculum related questions and found that they not only assisted her in navigating the classroom, but also ensured her wellbeing remained a priority.

After completing her practicum placements in a variety of settings, Brigitte was drawn to the offerings of the NSW Department of Education, noting the strong values placed on inclusion and diversity.

‘I've felt really supported in terms of making learning accessible for all of my students. There are so many resources that the department provides to make sure that teachers a have a strong ability to cater for all different kinds of students.’

Watch the video to find out how teaching has opened doors for Brigitte, or find out more on the Teaching Opens Doors webpage.

Teaching opens doors: Brigitte's story
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