Tips from former Year 12 students — on study

Tips and advice to this year's HSC students, from past and current students, to help with your study.

Study tips from past HSC students
“One tip I would give is to study in groups. It makes it a lot more enjoyable and I found that conversations about content was easier to remember because it made the content more applicable to different questions. “

Cilla, former year 12 student

Make a study group

I have broken up all my free time into small sections. I’ve been studying this way for a long time and it’s really beneficial especially in year 12 as the HSC gets closer. So, give it a shot!

Narma, HSC student 2021

Brain tips and tricks

One piece of advice I would give is to study in a clean environment. I think it makes the whole study experience heaps more enjoyable. I used to enjoy studying outside in natural light. I would also recommend making a to-do list to plan each day so that you can know exactly what you’ve achieved that day as sometimes the HSC can seem really overwhelming

Grace, former year 12 student

Quick tips to get set up for your HSC studies

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My tip is to set simple achievable tasks to complete while studying throughout the day. If I have a large amount of work to get done on a particular topic.. I’ll break it down into smaller obtainable tasks.that take 20 - 30 minutes each. This helps with productivity as you can see you are achieving your goals, giving you the energy to keep ticking tasks off, leading to a productive, successful day of study

Jasper, former year 12 student

Brain tips and tricks

Study can be an overwhelming feeling but I, for one, can say you are not alone. I choose to share my notes with peers, create challenges to finish textbook exercises and memorise syllabus dot points via zoom because together everyone achieves more

Neha, current year 12 student

Make a study group

My top tip would definitely be to refrain from studying in your bedroom. This is because everyone needs somewhere where they can relax and unwind and this can be difficult if you’ve prioritised school in this environment. It can become overwhelming and stressful and stop you getting a good night’s sleep which is super important in the lead up to the HSC and trial HSC exams

Stella, former year 12 student

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Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t do as well as you’d like in an assessment or exam or something. Make sure you give yourself rewards when you do a solid block of study. Focusing on the positive work you’re doing is really important

Ryan, former year 12 student

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