Rollover phases

Phase 1 - Data gathering

Is the data gathering, data cleansing and quality assurance phase which begins in September each year. It is important for ASTP to ensure all student and associated travel information is up to date before the end of the school year.

School's role

  • Nominate a contact person and provide details to access ASTP Online by completing the steps as outlines in the ASTP Online for Schools user guide.
  • Review student’s transport requirements including the need for an Assisted Travel Support Officer (ATSO).
  • Access ASTP Online and identify students who will continue on transport and students not requiring transport for the following year.
  • Submit applications for new students starting in the following year, by the date required.
  • Provide information regarding school finishing dates for the current year and starting dates for the following year.
  • Provide current Year 12 students' exam/assessment timetables.

Parent's role

Advise ASTP any changes to transport for the following year.

Confirm name, address and all contact details.

ATSO's role

  • Confirm interest in continuing to work for ASTP in the next year.

Contractor's role

  • Confirm interest in continuing to provide a service for the next year.

Phase 2 - Allocation of students to runs

Begins in December and continues until the end of the first week of the new school year.

It involves:

  • making final payments to contractors and ATSOs for the current school year
  • assessing new student applications
  • managing student change requests
  • updating new support class information to be able to map runs and set up a service
  • reviewing runs and determining the need to continue them in the following year
  • setting up runs and allocating students and ATSOs
  • sourcing ATSOs and contractors.

Phase 3 - Adjustments

Commences in the second week of the new school year until the end of February.

It involves working with schools, contractors and parents to make adjustments to runs if required and assessing student applications for newly enrolled students.

Business Unit:

  • Student Support and Specialist Programs
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