Capital Assistance

NSW provides capital assistance to non-government schools through the Building Grants Assistance Scheme. The grants support non-government schools to build, extend or upgrade their school facilities and to accommodate more students in growing communities.

The scheme directs funding towards non-government schools with the greatest need and for growing enrolments by taking into account fees, demographics and the socio-economic characteristics of the school.

Schools should contact their Block Grant Authorities for any questions in regards to the Building Grants Assistance Scheme or the NSW Government investment into non-government schools:

The NSW Non-Government Schools Building Grants Assistance Scheme Guidelines (PDF 434KB) are available to access. In 2019/20, the selection criteria in the guidelines was strengthened. The selection criteria and objectives of the scheme ensure that funding is directed towards areas of greatest need and prioritised towards new schools and developments to provide educational facilities for increased student enrolments.

For queries in relation to the Guidelines, schools should contact their Block Grant Authorities in the first instance followed by email to

Projects approved under the Building Grants Assistance Scheme are available here:


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