How do I apply?

To apply for assisted school travel, parents must complete Part A of the application form and submit it to the school.

Download the application form for the relevant year:

2019 Application for Assisted School Travel (PDF 504.74KB)

  • 15 November 2019 – Last day ASTP will accept student applications and variations for 2019

2020 Application for Assisted School Travel form (PDF 885.71KB)

  • 14 October 2019 – First day ASTP will accept new student applications for 2020
  • 29 November 2019 – Last day ASTP will accept student applications for 2020

While the ASTP will endeavour to make transport arrangements for the start of the 2020 school year, we cannot guarantee applications received after 29 November will be assessed in time.

It is recommended that those parents seek to make other arrangements for their child's transport for the start of the school year.

Schools will work with parents to complete Part A and then the school will complete Part B.

Supporting documents such as medical certificates, car mechanic reports or TAFE and university timetables may be required.

Student application journey

  1. School and parents complete application, variation or change request form
  2. School principal makes recommendation
  3. ASTP Central Processing team:
    1. checks all documents are included
    2. checks all details are provided
    3. contacts parents to conduct a phone interview with follow-up information (ASTP's phone number will appear as a private number)
  4. Application sent to ASTP Logistics and Education teams for assessment and decision
  5. Application: parent advised by letter, school sent run card
  6. Variation/change request: school advised.

The diagram below illustrates the student application journey:

Who approves applications and organises assisted school travel?

The school lodges your application for assessment and processing by ASTP. Where possible, ASTP will do this within seven (7) working days and you will be advised in writing of the outcome.

If travel is approved, ASTP will organise the transport arrangements for your child. Before transport commences the contractor/driver will contact you regarding pick up and drop off times to and from your child's school.

Once transport is approved, drivers cannot transport students to alternate addresses without prior approval from the ASTP.

Transport requests for National Disability Insurance Scheme funded services before or after school – such as respite, therapy, or community access – should be discussed first with the student's National Disability Insurance Agency planner.

What can I do if my application is not approved?

Contact the school in the first instance to discuss the reasons why your application was not approved.

Schools and parents can then seek advice from ASTP. Parents may lodge an appeal to the ASTP using the Appeals Panel Request form (PDF 89.1KB).

The completed form must be scanned and emailed with any supporting documentation to

Refer to the key dates to find out when the appeal forms are due and the dates of the panel meetings.

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