Information on the fees NSW early childhood education and care services must pay. The information below applies to all services unless otherwise stated.


The Australian Children's Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) sets fee amounts. Fees increase each year in line with inflation.

Types of fees

There are two types of fees:

  • transaction fees
  • annual service fees.

Transaction fees

All services must pay transaction fees. Common transactions include applications for:

  • service approval
  • provider approval
  • reassessment and re-rating
  • service waivers
  • temporary waivers.

When to pay

Pay the transaction fee when you lodge the relevant application.

Annual service fee

All services must pay an annual fee. The fee amount depends on the type and size of the service. Find out more on ACECQA's website.

When to pay

New service approval

If you're applying for a new service approval you need to pay both:

  • an application fee
  • the annual fee for the first year of approval.

How to pay fees

Services must pay through NQA ITS by:

  • BPAY or
  • credit card

Make sure you:

  • only pay each invoice once
  • pay the full amount
  • use the correct reference number
  • only pay by BPAY or credit card.

Overdue invoices

Overdue invoices will incur a late fee and may result in the suspension of a service approval.

From 1 July 2020, fees for state regulated services (mobile and occasional services fees) are aligned with services regulated under the National Law.


The ACECQA website publishes fees for ECEC services.

Some fees payable to regulatory authorities and ACECQA were increased from 1 July 2023 to reflect the growth in the sector and improve the financial sustainability of the NQF over time. A fee will now be charged for applications for amendment of service approval, and a new fee category introduced for extra-large services.

For the 2023-24 financial year, a 5% increase (multiplied by CPI) will apply to annual fees, notification of intended transfer of service approval, and applications for both provider and service approval.

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