Universal preschool

Keep reading to learn more about our current projects to help achieve universal preschool access for all children in the year before school.

Equity in education begins in early childhood. That's why we are working to deliver universal preschool across NSW by 2030 – to ensure that, no matter their circumstances, no child is left behind.

We are committed to listening to, and learning from, our families, communities and expert educators and teachers as we work to achieve this goal.

100 public preschools

We are building 100 new public preschools on public primary school sites by 2027, pending building and regulatory approvals. This is the biggest investment in public preschool in NSW history, doubling the number of public preschools across the state and supporting more children and families to have a positive start to Kindergarten.

Service Voice

To boost access to preschool across the state, we will build on the strengths of our diverse sector and engage with early childhood education and care (ECEC) services to ensure our policy development is informed by the experience and expertise of early childhood teachers and educators in every setting. We want to better understand what is working well in preschool delivery and where there are opportunities for improvement.

Our current consultation and design work is focusing on:

  • engaging with ECEC services to understand what is working well in preschool delivery and where there are opportunities for improvement
  • engaging public preschools to better understand strengths and opportunities in service delivery
  • working with educators and Aboriginal Early Childhood partners, including the NSW Aboriginal Education Consultative Group (AECG), to better understand culturally responsive practices with a view to uplift cultural responsiveness across the ECEC sector.

Boosting access to preschool

The NSW Government has committed $60 million towards new and upgraded non-government preschools on non-government school sites, and up to $20 million to support the growth of not-for-profit ECEC services in high-demand areas. This investment will help more children and families to access the life-changing benefits of early learning across a range of service types.


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