The Transition to School Digital Statement

This page contains information and resources to help early childhood education and care (ECEC) services and school staff complete Transition to School Digital Statements.

The Transition to School Digital Statement is completed by a child’s ECEC service in the year before school and provides information about their strengths, interests and preferred ways of learning. It is then shared online with the child’s school to help teachers prepare for Kindergarten students and support continuity of learning.

The Transition to School Digital Statement is a secure and easy-to-use platform for both ECEC services and schools and complements other transition practices such as information sessions and school visits.

If your service receives Start Strong funding, a Transition to School Statement must be completed for children in the year before Kindergarten and shared with the child’s parents or carers and new school before the new school year.

Access the Transition to School Digital Statement

Early childhood teachers and educators

NSW public school staff: principals can access Transition to School Digital Statements through the school’s dashboard, or via the Staff Portal by searching for Transition to School Digital Statement in My Essentials. Principals can delegate staff access through the Access Mangement Utility (AMU) or Manage Staff Access (MSA).

Learn more about how families, schools and early childhood education services can work together to help children have a successful start to Kindergarten.

[Narrator] Starting school is a big milestone in a child's life, and a positive transition to school can have a real impact on their longer term academic, social, and wellbeing outcomes. In the year before Kindergarten, strong relationships and planning between schools, families and early childhood education and care services are essential for supporting a child's transition to school.

- I'm excited for big school because I get new teachers.

- I wanna learn how to count up to 100 million, 16, 30, 20.

- I'm excited to go to big school because I wanna make friends and learn.

- We use a wide range of tools for transition from our orientation programs where the children get to come to the school, and another really fantastic tool is the Transition to School Digital Statement, where we have really a one stop shop where our educators can get information about the children who will be coming into their class in that year.

- So the Transition to School Digital Statement is written in a strengths-based approach. So as educators in the preschool setting, we include all of the teaching strategies that work best for how that child learns, so the Kindergarten teachers can use those strategies when they enter their classroom.

- All three of my children have very different needs. However, I found that the school, the preschool, and all the services involved definitely worked together to make their school experience and their transition to school a really positive and successful one. Starting school can be a very scary experience for children and parents, but I definitely felt so comforted to know that they were coming to a place that were definitely supporting them individually and targeting their specific needs.

- The things I love learning is split diagraphs. I love learning because I want to be the girl boss in the whole wide world ever, so I can tell people what to do.

(girls giggling)

[Narrator] We all have a role to play in supporting every child to have a positive transition to school, as they start their journey into Kindergarten and beyond. To learn how you can help prepare children for a life of learning, visit our website.

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