NAPLAN 2022 reports in Scout now LIVE!

The NAPLAN 2022 reports are now available in Scout.

We are pleased to announce the NAPLAN reports in Scout have been updated for 2022. Please see the note below about the current availability of new data as well as details on upcoming showcases of the NAPLAN reports in Scout.


  1. Value Added (VA) for 3-5, 5-7 and 7-9 cannot be calculated for 2020/22 as the NAPLAN test was not run in 2020. School VA scores require the matching of student NAPLAN results across consecutive assessments so that growth can be measured (e.g. matching Year 3 2020 scores to Year 5 2022 scores). Since NAPLAN was not run in 2020, we do not have the data needed to calculate VA scores for 2022.
  2. Student growth reports for the 2022 cohort are unavailable due to the absence of 2020 NAPLAN results.
  3. Results for some students that have attempted NAPLAN on paper may not appear and will be updated once data is received from ACARA. This includes year 3 writing results.
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