The SLI's road to Gundagai

SLI team at Gundagai SLI team at Gundagai
Image: The SLI team was joined by DELs and principals in Gundagai.

Middle leaders from three networks came together recently to take part in professional learning delivered by the School Leadership Institute (SLI) at Gundagai High School.

A total of 35 head teachers and assistant principals from the Temora, Tumbarumba and Gundagai networks attended sessions delivered over two days. The SLI team was thrilled with feedback from the sessions, with one participant saying the PL was engaging, relevant and left her mind “buzzing”.

“I found the whole day so beneficial, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to attend,” the middle leader wrote. “It has changed the way I see a few areas in my professional practice, and I cannot wait to put some of these strategies into practice.”

Tumut Public School’s Relieving Principal Alice Vigors initiated the networks’ ongoing relationship with the SLI after she completed the Senior Leadership - Aspiring Principals Leadership Program. She said having the SLI Director Joanne Jarvis and Principals Karen Maraga and Corinna Robertson visit the region in person was invaluable.

“The interactions with Joanne, Karen and Corinna as they share not only their leadership knowledge, but their first-hand experience helps middle leaders understand how the strategies can be applied in practice,” she said.

“The sessions also give middle leaders the chance to come together talk about their shared experiences and what is working or not working in different schools. As our schools can be hours apart geographically, we don’t always have opportunities to do that which can be quite isolating.”


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