Policy implementation and system registration

The Education Act 1990 requires that all NSW public schools comply with similar school registration requirements as non-government schools. The NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) independently monitors government schools and provides advice to the Minister for Education and Early Learning and the Secretary of the Department on compliance.

The registration requirements are outlined in section 4 of NESA's Registration Process for the NSW Government Schooling System Manual [the Manual)].

All NSW public schools must comply with department policies, procedures and processes, including those that relate to the registration requirements. While the registration process applies to the NSW public schooling system as a whole and not individual schools, each public school contributes to system registration.

All schools have an important role in the registration process by meeting NESA minimum standards and through their ongoing compliance with relevant department policies, procedures and processes, including those related to registration requirements.

In particular, schools should:

· have documented procedures, practices and processes in place that show their compliance with the registration requirements

· comply with Audit directorate guidelines and School Infrastructure NSW procedures and inspections.

There are two main system monitoring processes which may involve schools:

  1. NESA randomly selects and inspects a small number of schools each year. Schools are notified at least four days prior to the inspection.
  2. The department’s internal assurance process known as Curriculum and Policy Monitoring (CPM) involves network meetings of schools. NESA inspectors attend a small number of selected meetings to observe the process. In Term 1, the Director, Educational Leadership (DEL) will notify participating schools of the date, venue and relevant curriculum and policy areas.
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