Policy implementation and system registration

Since 2015, the department is required to demonstrate to the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) how NSW government schools meet NESA's registration requirements. All NSW government schools must comply with department policies, procedures and processes, including those that relate to the registration requirements. The registration process applies to the NSW government schooling system as a whole. While each government school contributes to system registration, individual schools are not registered.

Schools play an important role in the registration process through their ongoing compliance with relevant policies, procedures and processes. This includes maintaining records of policy implementation, monitoring and review that show their compliance with the registration requirements.

Policy implementation in schools

Principals are accountable for policy implementation, monitoring and review in their school.

Previously, principals used the A-Z Policy Implementation Tool (AZT) to help demonstrate their school's compliance with department policies.

In 2018, policy owners withdrew the requirement for schools to report on the nominated policies.

Specific policies have not been nominated in 2019. Schools will continue to maintain their procedures for implementing, monitoring and reviewing departmental policies via discussions with their Director, Educational Leadership.

For assistance accessing school data and documents previously uploaded to AZT, please contact the High Performance team by email at azt@det.nsw.edu.au.

Registration of the NSW public schooling system

Under the Education Act 1990, the requirements for school registration constitute a minimum standard for establishing a school in NSW. The NESA registration process for the NSW government schooling system commenced on 27 January 2015.

NSW government schools comply with the NESA registration requirements by implementing department policies and procedures and maintaining records of implementation, monitoring and review.

NESA's registration requirements are outlined in section 4 of the Registration Process for the NSW Government Schooling System Manual and reviewed regularly by NESA.

Each year, a small representative sample of government schools, from across the state, are selected to participate in the system registration process. As part of the process, NESA undertakes a small number of random inspections and oversees the Department of Education's internal quality assurance of a sample of schools for curriculum and policy monitoring.

Visit the System registration frequently asked questions to learn more about the NESA registration process.

The following video describes the 'Registration process - NSW public schooling system' (2 min 18 secs).

Registration process NSW public schooling system.
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