Policy implementation and system registration

From 2015, the department is responsible for demonstrating to the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) how all NSW public schools meet school registration requirements. The registration process applies to the NSW public schooling system. While each school contributes to system registration, individual public schools are not registered. As a part of the NSW public schooling system, all NSW department schools must comply with departmental processes, policies and procedures, including those that meet registration requirements. Schools will play an active part in the registration process through their ongoing compliance with relevant processes, policies and procedures. This includes maintaining records of implementation which demonstrate compliance with the registration requirements.

Policy implementation in schools

Principals are accountable for policy implementation, monitoring and review in their school. The A-Z Policy Implementation Tool (AZT) is designed to help principals demonstrate their school’s compliance with department policies. It also enables a culture of distributive leadership and accountability by streamlining policy management and giving principals a mechanism to distribute tasks, support knowledge management and build capacity in their school.

The AZT gives principals access to all department policies; and enables them to track their implementation, monitoring and review in one online space.  As the AZT makes it easier for schools to demonstrate their policy compliance, it supports the NESA system registration process.

Visit A-Z Policy Implementation Tool (AZT), AZT Frequently asked questions to access helpful information and resources.

Quick guides to changes in the AZT are available for schools and Directors, Educational Leadership.

Registration of the NSW public schooling system

The requirements for school registration under the Education Act 1990 ('the Education Act') constitute a minimum standard for establishing a school in NSW. The NESA registration process for NSW public schools commenced on 27 January 2015.

NSW public schools comply with the registration requirements by implementing existing departmental policies and procedures and maintaining records of implementation.

Each year NESA sample a small selection of schools across the state to confirm the requirements of the system registration process.

The following video describes the 'Registration process - NSW public schooling system' (2 min 18 secs).

Transcript for 'Registration process - NSW public schooling system' video.

Further information

New information sheets coming soon.

For further information on the AZT:

  • AZT – Information sheet (PDF 216KB)
  • AZT – Information for principals (PDF 295KB)
  • AZT – Instructions for completing a reporting task (PDF 244KB)
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