New HALT incentive payments

On Monday 20 February 2023, new incentive payments were announced for teachers who undertake HALT accreditation.

A $2,000 (gross) one-off payment incentive will be given to teachers who successfully complete HALT module 1, with another $2,000 (gross) one-off payment incentive on successful completion of module 2.

The NSW Department of Education is focused on increasing the number of teachers in our system who are HALT accredited, as part of our commitment to the national target of 10,000 HALT teachers by 2025.

Frequently asked questions

The incentives are available to any NSW Department of Education teacher who has commenced and completes HALT accreditation modules since the new streamlined policy was released on 15 May 2022, or does so while this new policy is in place.

During Term 2 2023, in the week of 19 June, the first cohort of teachers completing HALT modules 1 and/or 2 received their $2,000 to $4,000 (gross) incentive payments. The next round of incentive payments are scheduled for the end of Term 3 and Term 4 2023.

More information about teachers’ eligibility to participate in the HALT accreditation process is available on the NESA website: Step 1 - Assess your readiness | NSW Education Standards

To demonstrate that a module has been completed, teachers are required to fully demonstrate at least 50% of the Standard Descriptors they have nominated for each module. While the revised Highly Accomplished and Lead Teacher Policy 2022 requires between 10-15 Standard Descriptors be submitted for each module, the department recommends applicants submit documentary evidence to demonstrate the maximum 15 Standard Descriptors for each module. 

HALT incentive payments have commenced and will continue to be processed every Term. 

Payments will automatically be made following confirmation from NESA that a teacher has satisfactorily completed HALT module 1 and/or 2, providing the teacher has consented that data about their progress be shared between NESA and the NSW Department of Education. 

Feedback received during previous consultation processes did indicate that some teachers were reluctant to undertake HALT accreditation due to perceptions of the cost and time involved in completing the submission. Teachers also reported that there was minimal incentive to complete the process, and many were unsure how it would support their growth and achievement of career goals. 

The HALT accreditation process was streamlined in May 2022. In February 2023 financial incentives were introduced. These changes provide additional incentives for teachers to undertake the process, in addition to the extra remuneration HALT-accredited teachers receive upon completion of their accreditation.

HALT accreditation provides opportunities for highly effective teachers to share their existing practice, supporting broader uplift of teaching across our system. HALT accredited teachers receive additional remuneration for this, recognising the highly effective, innovative and exemplary teaching that they contribute to NSW schooling.

These incentives are only available to current NSW Department of Education teachers.

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