Evidence-based practice

Create and innovate to deliver great lessons for students to learn from home. Select learning modes and effective strategies to suit your students' context and the content they need to learn.

A research review of distance education reveals several important themes for consideration:

  • strong social presence for learners to stay in touch
  • support student persistence
  • understanding contextual factors, such as the role of gender
  • considering the learner's perspective and
  • balancing synchronous and asynchronous activities.

Resources from the Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation

The Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation (CESE) has updated its popular ‘What works best’ publication. The What works best: 2020 update outlines eight quality teaching practices that are known to support school improvement and enhance the learning outcomes of our students.

What works best in practice supports teachers to implement the evidence-based themes outlined in What works best: 2020 update.

CESE's Best practices: Creating a positive learning environment outlines evidence-based teaching strategies that can assist teachers as they support students’ education continuity, in an online and/or remote learning environment.

Literature review

Read the School Learning Environments and Change (SLEC) review of findings from five hundred studies about learning from home. This rich resource will support teachers as they continue to design learning from home.

Find out more about SLEC's contemporary learning and teaching from home resources.

Download a summary or an extended version of SLEC's literature review below.

Leading improvement, innovation and change

A guided journey on a possible process you can use to reflect and reset on remote learning for your students.

Leading improvement, innovation and change

AITSL spotlight: What works in online/distance teaching and learning?

This AITSL ‘spotlight paper’ identifies best practice evidence to guide teachers on setting up online learning and advice teachers can give to parents during this process. Key consideration is given to principles demonstrated to benefit student outcomes and wellbeing.

What Works in Online/Distance Teaching and Learning?

International evidenced-based practice

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